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The Child Thief - Brom

The Child Thief
By Brom
Reviewed by Jeff
Published: August 25th 2009
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Pages: 481
ISBN: 0061671339

Peter is quick, daring, and full of mischief—and like all boys, he loves to play, though his games often end in blood. His eyes are sparkling gold, and when he graces you with his smile you are his friend for life, but his promised land is not Neverland.

Fourteen-year-old Nick would have been murdered by the drug dealers preying on his family had Peter not saved him. Now the irresistibly charismatic wild boy wants Nick to follow him to a secret place of great adventure, where magic is alive and you never grow old. Even though he is wary of Peter's crazy talk of faeries and monsters, Nick agrees. After all, New York City is no longer safe for him, and what more could he possibly lose?

There is always more to lose.

Accompanying Peter to a gray and ravished island that was once a lush, enchanted paradise, Nick finds himself unwittingly recruited for a war that has raged for centuries—one where he must learn to fight or die among the "Devils," Peter's savage tribe of lost and stolen children.

There, Peter's dark past is revealed: left to wolves as an infant, despised and hunted, Peter moves restlessly between the worlds of faerie and man. The Child Thief is a leader of bloodthirsty children, a brave friend, and a creature driven to do whatever he must to stop the "Flesh-eaters" and save the last, wild magic in this dying land. (Goodreads)
 First off, this book was the first time I've ever read a dark/gothic fantasy. Secondly it was awesome. This is a re-telling of Peter Pan / The Lost Boys and it was super intriguing! I loved the ability for Brom to stick to a lot of the major plot themes that exist in the original, but changed it enough to make it his own. The characters were very dark and very vulgar, but it was an intoxicating read. Brom is well known for his character creation and artwork, and this novel is a master re-telling of a children' novel (or adult depending on the themes you draw from it) that does not disappoint. Highly recommended.
5/5 Carls

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  1. If you enjoyed this, you should also check out Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findlay. It's a different take on the story of Noah's Arc. More than a little bit anti-semetic, but an overall great read.