Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Amped - Daniel H. Wilson

By Daniel H. Wilson
Reviewed by Jeff
Published: June 5th 2012
Publisher: Doubleday
Pages: 277
ISBN: 0385535151

As he did in Robopocalypse, Daniel Wilson masterfully envisions a frightening near-future world. In Amped, people are implanted with a device that makes them capable of superhuman feats. The powerful technology has profound consequences for society, and soon a set of laws is passed that restricts the abilities—and rights—of "amplified" humans. On the day that the Supreme Court passes the first of these laws, twenty-nine-year-old Owen Gray joins the ranks of a new persecuted underclass known as "amps." Owen is forced to go on the run, desperate to reach an outpost in Oklahoma where, it is rumored, a group of the most enhanced amps may be about to change the world—or destroy it. (Goodreads)
 Dr. Wilson has delivered again! Listen, I know some people are saying "oh it's just common fare for the genre, nothing different nothing new etc etc." but come on, not everyone is a Herbert or HG Wells. Regardless of all the naysayers out there, I think Wilson put together a quick action packed book that I couldn't put down. Was it predictable? Yes. Was it void of deep ethical and philosophical questions some readers demand in every novel they read? Yes. Most importantly did it thoroughly engulf me for the afternoon I took to read it? Absolutely. This book is what it is, a fast paced over-enjoyable sci-fi novel that isn't super demanding, but allows the reader to escape for just a few hours. For those who say it lacks deep intrinsic philosophical value and is therefore must be the same type who try to claim "the road" is literature at its finest. Shame on you.

5/5 Carls

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