Thursday, 1 January 2015

Yes Please - Amy Poehler

Yes Please
By: Amy Poehler
Reviewed by Jamie
Published: October 28th 2014 
Publisher: It Books
Pages: 329
ISBN: 0062268341
Format: Audiobook

In Amy Poehler’s highly anticipated first book, Yes Please, she offers up a big juicy stew of personal stories, funny bits on sex and love and friendship and parenthood and real life advice (some useful, some not so much), like when to be funny and when to be serious. Powered by Amy’s charming and hilarious, biting yet wise voice, Yes Please is a book is full of words to live by. (Goodreads)
 And here I thought I couldn't love Amy Poehler any more! 

This was a fantastic book by a fantastic woman. I decided to listen to this book on audiobook because I really feel with these types of books, its necessary, to get a full experience. It was so very interesting hearing Amy's life stories and you really get to know the real Amy so much better. She is a hilarious, strong, loving and independent woman and such an incredible role model for all women. I really enjoyed how she invited others to speak during the audiobook, it kept things very interesting and I couldn't get enough! I especially loved the references to Parks and Recreation and the section with Seth Meyers.

I highly recommend this book and if you can listen to it, please do so!!

5/5 Albi Cats

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